Free Academic Exam Copies

For academic exam copies of Soul of a Citizen or The Impossible Will Take a Little While
click here. Copies are available if you teach a relevant class or supervise a relevant

If you’d like to buy bulk copies, for instance to give away to students, both Paul's publishers offer
substantial discounts.  Costs for 15 or more copies of SOUL are $8.50 apiece plus roughly .50 per copy
shipping. (Or $10.20 each plus shipping for 10-14 copies) Unless you're a registered nonprofit you'll
also need to pay tax. Costs for 25 or more copies of THE IMPOSSIBLE are $10.00 apiece including
shipping (although my publisher will know after Thanksgiving if they can drop that minimum to
10). Meanwhile, if you only want to order 10-24 copies of THE IMPOSSIBLE and need a discount, most
independent stores will give you a bulk discount, or you can get 30% off at Barnes&, or $14 apiece. If you're interested in large numbers of books, like 500 or more, you can often negotiate higher discounts.

For The Impossible Will Take a Little While email Basic/Perseus Books Special
Markets Department, or call 617 252-5251
For Soul of a Citizen contact: Anna Kotopoulos, Special Markets, Macmillan
(800) 221-7945 X 5442 or 646-307-5442   If that doesn't work try X 5441

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