Please Pass the Word

Books like The Impossible Will Take a Little While and Soul of a Citizen get out best through word of mouth.:

  • E-mail friends and colleagues to let them know about the books, as well as relevant listservs. You can copy and send this flier.
  • Both Soul and The Impossible get wonderful responses in classrooms nationwide. So please email college and high school faculty, using this flier.
  • Mention the books in social media posts, linking to or .
  • Bring Paul in to lecture or do workshops. This works best through colleges with decent lecture budgets or organizations planning major conferences.
  • Order copies at a half-price bulk discount for activist and community organizations and friends (one Colorado woman bought 23 copies of The Impossible). Use the books in trainings, book groups, and as a resource to inspire commitment among staffers, volunteers and board members.
  • Sign up for Paul's email list to be updated on future work.

I believe these books are powerful resources to help citizens learn to speak out and keep on being involved, and to counter political despair. They're about grassroots involvement, so will get out through grassroots networks. Please pass the word however you can.

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