My articles appear chronologically, most recent first, but you can go directly to a good overview of The Impossible, of Soul, or on Teaching for Engagement. or on Engaging Students in Elections. My newspaper articles tend to be aimed at more of a general audience, while the online ones are aimed more at people already engaged in social justice movements. Both are more topical, issue oriented and sometimes more partisan than my general talks and my books, which focus more on civic engagement:

Burying Your Victories: What if Obama Taxed the Rich But Never Told Anyone? Why Americans don’t know about the $20 billion-a-year tax on the wealthiest 2% that’s core to Obama’s health care law.

From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy the Neighborhoods Community outreach as the next step for the Occupy movement.

Glued to the Weather Channel As the World Burns How the recent extreme weather should teach us the urgency of acting on climate change.

Three Cups of a Flawed Hero: The Limits of Greg Mortenson’s Model of Change Reflecting on the engagement model of Three Cups of Tea by author Greg Mortenson

Ten Suggestions for More Effective Activism: A summary of key themes from Soul of a Citizen with links to some of the relevant excerpts.

Stop the Anonymous Hit Men–Make Shadowy Campaign Money the Issue From The Baltimore Sun The politics of money in the 2010 elections.

Jesus and Climate Change: The Journey of Rich Cizik
How National Association of Evangelicals Vice President Rich Cizik became a key voice on climate change. Adapted from Soul‘s updated edition.

From Drunken Party Girl to Climate Change Activist.
The journey of Virginia Tech student AngieDeSoto from total disengagement to becoming a powerful climate change leader. Adapted from Soul‘s updated edition.

How MoveOn and The Christian Coalition Helped Save the Internet.
How the unlikely coalition of MoveOn and the Christian Coalition helped save the Internet as we know it. Adapted from Soul‘s updated edition.

Unforeseen Fruits.
How actions of courage can create unforeseen ripples. Adapted from Soul‘s updated edition.

What Cynicism Costs Us. Adapted from Soul‘s updated edition, the traps of cynicism

Target Gobal Warming, Target Exxon
How Exxon funded key global warming deniers and why an active boycott makes sense. Foreign Policy in Focus.

Gutting the Health Care Plan: The Scorpion and the Congress How the Obama administration may be falling into a trap similar to that of the Clinton health care efforts by trusting the insurance companies.

Stiffed: Did the Bail-Out Help Pfizer Buy Wyeth? How the initial bail-out is being used for corporate consolidation.

Saving America, One Furnace at a Time Lessons from my new high-efficiency furnace about how to mix sustainability and economic renewal. (San Jose Mercury & Seattle Times)

Engaging Students as Volunteers and Voters Co-written for Inside Higher Ed on how campuses can engage their students in the election. This builds on the campus election engagement project I coordinating with the national higher ed service learning network Campus Compact. I co-wrote the piece with their executive director Maureen Curley and University of Colorado Colorado Springs graduate communications director Sherry Morreale. If your’e on a campus, please circulate it for next round.

Responsible Investment: Gates Foundation and the California Model
Why the Gates Foundation and other major foundations and pension programs should follow the socially responsible lead of California’s massive public retirement system, CalPERS. From the Seattle Times.

A Storm of Denial
The cost of media not linking catastrophic local weather events with global climate change. Example of a Seattle storm of the century that left over a million people without power and heat. From Earth Island Journal.

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