Bulk Purchases

If you’d like to buy bulk copies, for instance to give away to students, both Paul's publishers offer substantial discounts. Costs for 15 or more copies of SOUL are $8.50 apiece plus roughly .50 per copy shipping. (Or $10.20 each plus shipping for 10-14 copies) Unless you're a registered nonprofit you'll also need to pay tax. Costs for 25 or more copies of THE IMPOSSIBLE are $10.00 apiece including shipping (although my publisher will know after Thanksgiving if they can drop that minimum to 10). Meanwhile, if you only want to order 10-24 copies of THE IMPOSSIBLE and need a discount, most independent stores will give you a bulk discount, or you can get 30% off at Barnes&Noble.com, or $14 apiece. If you're interested in large numbers of books, like 500 or more, you can often negotiate higher discounts.
For The Impossible Will Take a Little While email Hachette Book Group Books Special Sales (special.markets@hbgusa.com), or call 617 252-5251
For Soul of a Citizen contact: Anna Kotopoulos, Special Markets, Macmillan Publishers, anna.kotopoulos@macmillan.com
(800) 221-7945 X 5442 or 646-307-5442   If that doesn't work try X 5441

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