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The Impossible Will Take a Little While

Soul of a Citizen


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Please Pass the Word

Books like The Impossible Will Take a Little While and Soul of a Citizen get out best through word of mouth.:

  • E-mail friends and colleagues to let them know about the books, as well as relevant listservs. You can copy and send this flier if you'd prefer an HTML version or or this version if you'd prefer plain text.
  • Get The Impossible's new edition reviewed in your local newspaper and in community and activist newsletters, listservs and social media.
  • Both Soul and The Impossible are being used in classrooms nationwide, and getting wonderful responses. So I'd particularly appreciate your emailing college and high school faculty. Click here for an HTML flier aimed at faculty and describing the wonderful classroom responses. Click here for a plain text version. If you'd like more info on classroom use, click here for Soul and here for The Impossible. Also please encourage educators to review the books in their professional publications and listservs.
  • Mention the books and Web sites in Internet listservs, blogs, discussion boards, and radio call-in shows.
  • Sign up at my Facebook fan site,, and then invite your networks to join.
  • If you Tweet, sign up at and pass the word. It will mostly be links from Facebook and Huffington Post, but you can then Tweet them on
  • Bring me in in to lecture or do workshops.  This works best through colleges with decent lecture budgets or organizations planning major conferences.
  • Ask your local bookstores to stock Soul of a Citizen and The Impossible Will Take a Little While and stock them visibly.The Impossible spent 11 weeks on the American Book Association's BookSense bestseller list, and both sell wonderfully whenever stores put them out--but at the moment placement is a bit underwhelming.
  • Make sure your city, county, and college and high school libraries have copies of both books. Print out the home pages to show them the wonderful reviews, and ask that they please order a copy, and not just rely on interlibrary loan.
  • Review Paul's books (if you loved Soul's old edition, please say that on the page for the new edition) for and,and  You can also help at Amazon by creating lists and guides where the book will appear along with other top-selling progressive titles.
  • Order copies at a half-price bulk discount for activist and community organizations and friends (one Colorado woman bought 23 copies of The Impossible). Use the books in trainings, book groups, and as a resource to inspire commitment among staffers, volunteers and board members.
  • See for where I'll be speaking in my extensive touring on the book.  Please pass this information to local friends using this emailable event notice.
  • Tell citizen groups who may not know about the books. Buy copies for your favorite community activists, including concerned elected officials
  • Print out the flier to copy and distribute in settings where a printed version makes more sense.
  • Make sure the books are included in any resource tables at political events. Give it away as a premium if you're fundraising, as lots of groups are doing.
  • Tell key local and national media outlets about the books. Point them to for information.
  • Link to from your websites.
  • Pass on this wonderful animated E-Card, created by the publisher of The Impossible. If you want to email it to a large list, paste in this URL:


I believe these books are powerful resources to help citizens learn to speak out and keep on being involved, and to counter political despair. They're about grassroots involvement, so will get out through grassroots networks. Please pass the word however you can.

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