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Building Hope in Uncertain Times

Book Jacket for The Impossible Will Take A Little WhileA nine-month series of community conversations based on the anthology The Impossible Will Take a Little While, edited by Paul Rogat Loeb.
Teaching, by example, how to work toward a more humane world, renew commitment and persevere.

Author of the best-selling, Soul of a Citizen, Paul Loeb has spent 40 years researching and writing about citizen responsibility and empowerment–asking what makes some people choose lives of social commitment, while others abstain. He’s written for the New York Times, Washington Post and USA Today.


1/13/16 Book Discussion: Section 5: Courage is Contagious
Discussion leaders: tba
Writers: Marge Piercy, Audre Lorde, Victoria Safford, Wael Ghnim, Stephen Zunes, Paxus Calta-Star, Sister Rosalie Bertell, Jim Wallis.
7:00 pm, Shiras Room, upper level

1/14/16 Music & Poetry Event: Nancy Railey & 4 poets
7:00 pm, Community Room, lower level

1/18/16 Documentary Film: Freedom Riders (2010, NR)
Civil Rights workers stage an interstate bussing protest.
7:00 pm, Community Room, lower level.

2/10/16 Book Discussion: Section 6: The Global Stage
Discussion leader: G.G. Gordon
Writers: Martin Espada, Mark Herstgaard, Bill McKibben, Paul Loeb, Arundhati Roy, Ariel Dorfman, Carla Seaquist.
7:00 pm, Shiras Room, upper level

2/11/16 Music Performance: Kirsten Gustafson
An Evening with Lady Day– remembering Billie Holiday.
7:00 pm, Community Room, lower level.

2/20/16 Writing Workshop: Personal Writing, Community and Citizenship
Led by Jill Darling, University of Michigan-Dearborn.
12-4:00 pm, Shiras Room, upper level.  Call 906/226-4318 to register.

2/22/16 Documentary Film: Do the Math (2013, NR)
The equation of fossil fuel consumption, carbon dioxide emission and global warming. Post-screening discussion with Kevin Crupi of the National Weather Service and Greyson Morrow of Citizens Climate Lobby.
7:00 pm, Community Room, lower level.


2/10/16 Book Discussion: Section 7: Radical Dignity
Discussion leader: Frances O’Neill
Writers: Arienne Rich, Cornel West, Jalaluddin Rumi, Billy Wayne Sinclair, Martin Luther King, Paul Loeb, Peter Ackerman and Jack DuVal.
7:00 pm, Shiras Room, upper level

3/14/16 Interactive Poetry Workshop: “Love one Another or Die”
Led by Andrea Scarpino, U.P. Poet Laureate
6:30 pm, Shiras Room, upper level.

3/21/16 Documentary Film: Peter Seeger : The Power of Song (2007, PG)
Interview, archival footage and home movies are used to illustrate a social history of the folk artist and activist.
7:00 pm, Community Room, lower level.


4/13/16 Book Discussion: Section 8: Beyond Hope
Discussion leader: TBA
Writers: Elizabeth Barrtt and Samil Hamill, Mary_Wynne Ashford, Joanna Macy, David Roberts, Daezhda Mandelstam, K.C. Golden, Sonya Vetra Tinsley, Margaret Wheatley.
7:00 pm, Shiras Room, upper level.

4/18/16 Documentary Film: Keep on Keepin’ On (2014, R)
The four-year mentorship between jazz legend Clark Terry and a 23-year-old blind piano prodigy as the young man prepares to compete in an elite international competition.
7:00 pm, Community Room, lower level.


5/11/16 Book Discussion: Section 6: Only Justice Can Stop a Curse
Discussion leader: Barbara Michael
Writers: Maya Angelou, Alice Waler, Terry Tempest Williams, Starhawk, Amos OZ, Demond Tutu.
7:00 pm, Shiras Room, upper level.

5/21/16 Documentary Film: Inequality for All (2013, NR)
Former U.S. Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, examines the widening income gap effect on the U.S. economy.
7:00 pm, Community Room, lower level.

Community Sponsors: Marquette County Community Foundation, Northern Michigan University, PWPL Friends, Carroll Paul Memorial Trust Fund of the Peter White Public Library, Emerick Family Fund of the Marquette County Community Foundation, Michigan Center for the Book, and private donors.


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